A whole life in love with our profession.

We are lucky to have spent the last fifty years dedicated to our authentic passion: wood and it´s infinite possibilities. During this time we have developed our own personal style and we have converted the maximum quality, design and functionality of our furniture into our distinguishing feature.
Thanks to our love and respect for our main raw material, wood, we create elegant compositions which are sustainable and most importantly, an ideal way to achieve
the atmosphere you have in mind for your bathroom. Our technical team develop the best designs, respecting the noble raw material, to create excellent quality, functional
products, always true to the latest worldwide trends.
Our philosophy as a business is based on our most representative values: quality, innovation, passion, services and flexibility. This is how we can give the best support to our distributors and specialised shops who in turn work with architects, interior designers and exclusive developers.

The vision that our years of experience give us, our
investment in technology and machinery and our team of
specialists allow us to design and manufacture furniture
that is both exclusive and personalised. This has situated
us as one of the most important companies in the sector in
Spain and a noteworthy company in the European market.
A whole life in love with our profession.

Francisco Ordoñez Jurado

Director Gerente de Muebles de Baño Ordoñez S.L.




Se ha recibido un incentivo de la Agencia de Innovación y Desarrollo de Andalucía IDEA, de la Junta de Andalucía, por un importe de 341.258,00 euros, cofinanciado en un 80% por la Unión Europea a través del Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional, FEDER para la realización del proyecto “Ampliación instalaciones fabrica muebles de baño”, con el objetivo de “Conseguir un tejido empresarial más competitivo”.

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